Human resources management and development (HRM&D)

Human resources are along with information and telecommunication technologies the most progressive element of organizational development.

Investments into human resources can be best multiplied and can eliminate the risk of losses most efficiently.

The basic element for effective planning in HR development is the defining of requirements for specific positions.

The recruitment and assessment tools, or tools for screening of personal potential, must be chosen and adjusted according to the set of requirements for the work positions.

The selection of the right people and the screening of personal potential are the starting point for growth in every company.

The most effective development program is one that is interconnected with the evaluation of employees and with the motivational system of the company.  Development without the measurement of results is a random lottery and risky business.

An optimal development program reflects Corporate Identity and the Corporate Culture of the organization. It is always closely linked to its marketing and business goals.  It interactively involves the participants on an individual and team level and it does not end with the transfer of know-how but with the feedback of the success of the implementation from its participants.