Organizational development (OD)

Marketing and business objectives are the basis for organizational development. Management processes and forms applied in a company are most efficient when they explicitly support the target image of the Corporate Identity and culture of the organization.  The processes, which we take into consideration in our consulting activities, primarily support the performance and pro-active attitudes of the management and employees. At the same time, they make the functioning of the company more effective and make cooperation and communication more efficient.  The priority remains to support successful business, offering of services, and client relationships.

We focus on:

  • definition of vision, values, and codes and the harmonization of the strategic direction of a company with its internal management mechanisms,
  • efficiency of managerial processes and management and leadership style,
  • performance management within evaluation and motivational systems,
  • interconnection of development and motivational programs ,
  • definition and development of key competences,
  • specifying behavioral standards, communication, and performance standards for the external and internal client,
  • measurement of successful implementation of defined processes and standards,
  • internal and external communication