Customer Relation Profile

The Customer Relation Profile enables the interconnection of the development of an organisation with the development of the people working there, in the direction of customer requirements and thus in direction of commercial success.  Only corporate culture and individual potential that meet the expectations and potential of the customer are truly effective.

The Customer Relation Profile one gets is always mapping key competence areas of the company and its employees as they are presented to the customer and comparing them with the perception and needs of the customer. It creates a profile of the perceived relation to the customer on the side of provider and the side of the service consumer as well.  It points out the intersection between understanding and meeting customer needs and the resulting areas that lack such correlation. Using the GARUDA model facilitates an understanding of relations between customer service and the individual, team, and organisational potential of the company.

Such analysis serves as a guideline for highly focused development of individuals and teams as well as for marketing decisions.