Culture & Climate Profile

The Culture & Climate Profile offers corporate culture analysis in regard to management style as employees and managers perceive it. This standardised questionnaire maps corporate climate (what we understand as the satisfaction/dissatisfaction of employees and managers) with applied management style.

Corporate culture as a management style is described in three basic levels:  management culture (“head”- leading style and how problems are approached); social culture (“heart” – quality of relations, teamwork and communication); and performance culture (“legs” – approach to performance and how decisions are realised).

In Armstrong Competence Consulting, application of this method is supported by the possibility of comparing results and trends in organisations from different industry sectors and with different orientation.  It is based on experience from the analysis of multiple Slovak and Czech companies. As added value, we offer corporate culture typology with adequate solutions to develop the required corporate culture.  The database is gradually extended to enable benchmarking with all of Europe.

Our methodology interconnects market goals of the organisation, develops identification of employees with the organisation, and supports proactive motivation in employees’ work. Our clients are offered solutions using the advantage of interconnecting development on an organisational, team, and individual level based on the unifying GARUDA concept.