Model and tools package

Garuda– Human Resources Management & Development Toolbox

If you are looking for methodology to help you easily and precisely identify the potential of people, teams, and organisations, this is the right choice. If you need a toolbox not only offering analysis, but also directly supporting development, you just found it. If an international benchmark is an important feature to you – you have got it.

Armstrong Competence Consulting is a certified partner of GARUDA international network. It offers a portfolio of standardised human resources management and development tools (GARUDA HRM&D TOOLBOX), proven in practise in many European countries.

GARUDA products are covering all levels of company life:

  • Individual level
  • Group / team level
  • Organisational / company level, customer relations included

However, the use of GARUDA products is not necessarily tied to this scheme – it is flexible and dynamic due to the origin of specific client needs.

All Garuda products are developed in line with corporate success philosophy based on the personal growth of the individual and team.  The basis is the proper selection and targeted development of employees and adequate matching of people and positions in accordance with their individual competences and company goals.

Working with GARUDA methodology means always falling back on firm data and exact interpretation, not just on set of theories and intuitively formed recommendations.

The GARUDA toolbox is oriented not only on a simple classification of the strengths and weaknesses of the individuals, teams, and organisations. On the contrary, it is a base for dialogue and continued development toward required competences.

The methodology of GARUDA, while originating in Denmark, today expands beyond European borders to the United States, South America, and Asia. During more than 20 years of development covered by Garuda Research Institute, it has been continuously updated based on a growing database of clients, both companies and individuals. Currently the GARUDA database consists of more than 100,000 manager profiles from different European countries. Among other things, this makes it possible to develop a successful “Euro-leader” profile to serve as a benchmark for profiles you receive.

New tools with high quality software support are continuously developed, which maintain the clear consistency of the whole toolbox based on the unifying key-competence concept. It is symbolised in the scheme: “head-heart-legs”.

Three Key Competence Levels in Garuda Model

management competence  („Head“)  - how ideas, products, solutions, and decisions are produced

social competence („Heart“)  - how relationships are built and what is the quality of communication


performance competence („Legs “)  - how performance and services are managed and realised

Garuda Methods - Areas of Use

  • Audit; potential screening of individuals, teams, and organisations
  • Recruitment, assessment, and team building
  • New positions competence description and competence measurement
  • Corporate Culture analysis and development and customer relations projects
  • Development programs for managers, salesmen, and other employees